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IAV REPORT-The Publications of Vaccine Research

Publication year: 
Author (s): 
Jefferys, Richard, McEnery, Regina, Von Bubnoff, Andreas, Gallo, Robertrt
Publication details: 
NewYork, IAV, 2013
IAVI REPORT,VOL17, number 1
Va 1. BS\12693

In this issue, our contributor Richard Jefferys describes the remarkable case and other notable HIV cure-related research presented at the conference. Meanwhile, Regina McEnery, who blogged about the toddler news as it broke, reports on CROI talks and presentations that touched on HIV prevention.Andreas von Bubnoff, for his part, shares a story from the Keystone symposium on HIV vaccines that focuses on, well, HIV vaccine research. If things like broadly neutralizing antibodies, passive immunization and virus-like particles set your pulse racing, we invite you to immerse yourself in his report.