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Including the rights of persons with disabilities in United Nations programming at country country level: a guidance note for United Nations country teams and implementation partners

Publication year: 
Corporate author: 
United Nations Development Group (UNDG)
Publication details: 
New York, UNDG, 2011

This Guidance Note is intended to help UNCTs and country partners to better include or mainstream the rights of persons with disabilities in UN country programming, in implementing a Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA). It should thus be used in conjunction with the more generic UNDAF Guidelines and UNDAF Technical Guidance for UNCTs and be considered as a sub-set of these broader guidelines. It is also intended to support collective UNCT action and coordination at country level in support of Member States, contribute to the coherence of UN work, and assist the UNDG members and individual agencies to provide more targeted support to UNCTs. Similarly, while it is aimed at UNCT
work in the UNDAF framework, it is not intended to replace more specific agency guidelines and tools, which remain valid, and may respond better to specific agency mandates.4 The Guidance Note is structured according to the CCA/UNDAF timetable. It should be used flexibly, however, as some of the suggested entry points, actions, and tools for including consideration of the rights of persons with disabilities may be used in parallel or at different stages of the CCA.