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Key Populations Action Plan 2014-2017

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Global Fund
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Geneva: Global fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, 2014

This document provides outlines five strategic objectives to guide the inclusion of key populations and their needs in every step of the grant life cycle. It also provides an expanded definition of the term “key populations”.
A formative evaluation of the Gender Equality and the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities (SOGI) strategies in 2011 concluded that effective implementation of these documents required the development of separate but linked operational plans to guide how their principles could be realized through Global Fund financing. The Key Populations Action Plan was developed in response to the recommendation that relates to the SOGI Strategy. It was written to align with the Gender Equality Strategy Action Plan, the Joint Civil Society Action Plan (JCSAP) and other Global Fund strategy documents. It puts into action commitments made by the Global Fund Secretariat and laid out by United Nations agencies and other technical partners (Annex 2). It is not intended to amend or supersede any of these documents or other Global Fund strategies.