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Learning for Healthcare Providers: Exploring healthcare provision in Zimbabwe for persons of varied sexual orientation

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Harare, SAfAIDS

The booklet is for use by health healthcare providers, health facilities, civil society organisations and clinical research facilities, to help them appreciate the healthcare needs of persons of varied sexual orientation and provide inclusive SRH services that acknowledge sexual diversity and create a welcoming service environment for persons of varied sexual orientation.

The booklet’s key messages:
• Recognition of LGBTI issues in healthcare is a public health issue – not a moral one
• The attitudes of health care workers are shaped by their society and hence need to be addressed
• The ZNASP 2011–2015 recognises the human rights of all as an underlying principle – this demands inclusiveness – especially with regard to SRHR.

This booklet includes some key scenarios demonstrating both good and bad practice when persons of varied sexual orientation consult a healthcare professional. These can be used for both on-going staff training or for self-reflection and learning.

At the end of the booklet, we include suggested service standards for healthcare providers when treating persons of varied sexual orientation, in the hope that these will be taken up and result in better quality of care for all, particularly with regard to overall prevention and risk reduction for sexual and reproductive health problems.