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Mainstreaming gender in the response to HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa: a guide for the integration of gender issues into HIV and AIDS response

Publication year: 
Corporate author: 
Southern African AIDS Trust (SAT)
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Johannesburg, SAT, 2011

The manual provides a conceptual basis and offers practical hints to facilitate effective mainstream gender into HIV and AIDS policies and programmes It offers knowledge, information, tools and instruments that will be useful in the day-to-day work of HIV and AIDS service organisations It also discusses the relevance of mainstreaming genderat different programming levels. It offers methods and tools for mainstreaming gender in organisational policies, programme planning, budgeting, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation. However, there are various barriers that need to be overcome that include institutional, cultural and attitudinal. One manual cannot address all needs faced by the diversity of the programmes, communities, organisations, institutions and individuals working on the responses to HIV and AIDS in southern Africa. For this reason, the manual is designed as a flexible and general tool that can be adapted to suit different situations. Practical examples relating to specific programme areas or projects are also incorporated in the manual. Users of the manual are encouraged to adapt these examples to their specific situation.