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Millennium Development Goals Status Report Zimbabwe 2010

Publication year: 
Corporate author: 
UNDP, Ministry of Labour and Social Services (MoLSS)
Publication details: 
Harare: UNDP, 2010

As the title indicates, this is a status report that aims at providing the current standing of each of the MDGs in Zimbabwe as of June 2010, and,where possible, to show trend patterns of the last decade. Reliable and new data is, however, a major problem in Zimbabwe. In some areas the data available was outdated and in others none existed, which is why this report may not provide a comprehensive picture of the current situation and trends, or use the same baseline, as would otherwise be desirable. The findings of the report build on the MDG Mid-Term Report of 2007 and do not aim at providing a deeper analysis behind the current status of the MDGs, nor to provide extensive proposals for solutions or policy changes. It is, however, the intention that such a national ‘MDG Action Plan’ will be developed as a subsequent step towards accelerating MDGrelated achievements in Zimbabwe. The MDG Status Report for Zimbabwe was facilitated by a team of four Zimbabwean consultants, namely, an economist, an educationist, a gender specialist and a health specialist.Numerous consultation meetings coordinated by the Ministry of Labour and Social Services were held with relevant government ministries, as well as with other stakeholders including state institutions, civil society organisations, academic institutions, research institutes, bilateral partners, and UN system organisations. A consultation workshop was held to discuss the first draft of the report with the various stakeholders, and a peer review group was formed and used for additional comments and input and for refining the report.