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Missing the target # 4: time is running out to end AIDS- treatment and prevention for all!

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Cape Town, ITPC, 2007

This report demonstrates what a catastrophic mistake and monumental betrayal it will be if the G8 and the governments of countries heavily affected by AIDS renege on their commitment to universal access to treatment, just when it is demonstrating its potential to save millions and to pave the way for broader health systems reform. This fourth edition of Missing the Target provides original, in-depth assessments of the dynamics of AIDS treatment delivery in six countries – Cambodia, China, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. In addition to these new detailed reports, it also includes updates from the six previous report countries – Dominican Republic, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Russia, and South Africa; and short summaries from five other countries – Argentina, Belize, Cameroon, Malaysia, and Morocco. Though there are substantial challenges in every country, significant progress in the numbers of people receiving treatment and wider delivery of support services is clearly documented.