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National HIV and AIDS health sector research and evaluation agenda (2011-2015)

Publication year: 
Corporate author: 
National AIDS Control Programme (NACP)
Publication details: 
Dar es Salaam, NACP, 2012

This National HIV and AIDS Health Sector Research and Evaluation Agenda (NHAREA) outlines research and evaluation priorities for (2011–2015). The Agenda is intended to guide the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP); individual researchers; local, regional, and international research institutions; and other stakeholders, including policy and decision makers, to prioritise and harmonise research on HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. The Agenda also seeks to promote research and evaluation to inform HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care; support and impact mitigation; and ensure that research findings are used effectively.
Implementation of the Agenda will inform individual researchers and institutions of key priorities and will assist NACP in its coordination mandate of the health sector HIV/AIDS research. It is also intended to ensure that the research activities that are undertaken contribute to the national response.