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New technologies for tuberculosis control: a framework for their adoption, introduction and implemention.

Publication year: 
Corporate author: 
Stop TB Partnership Task Force on Retooling, World Health Organisation (WHO).
Publication details: 
Geneva, WHO, 2007

This document provides a framework for the control of tuberculosis and ensuring that new tools, once available, can be expediently and efficiently adopted at the global and country levels. The framework identifies the challenges inherent in retooling and proposes key steps to be taken in order to facilitate appropriate and timely adoption and implementation. It also provides an overview of the technical and operational considerations associated with retooling at the global and national levels. Additionally, the annexes summarize technologies in the development pipeline. They also provide an illustrative list of the key actions that need to be taken so that new tools in each technology category can be adopted and their use implemented effectively. There is an illustrative generic timeline – or sequencing – of key tasks needed for adoption, introduction and implementation. A list of suggested further reading is also provided.