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Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor outcomes among combination antiretroviral therapy-treated adults in Botswana.

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Author (s): 
Wester, W; Thomas, M; Bussmann, H [et al.]
Publication details: 
Boston, Wolters and Kluwer Health, 2010
Publication in: 
AIDS. 2010 January ; 24(Suppl 1): S27–S36.

National initiatives offering NNRTI-based combination antiretroviral therapy
cART) have expanded in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The Tshepo study is the first clinical trial evaluating the long-term efficacy and tolerability of EFV- vs. NVP-based cART among adults in Botswana. Methods—Three year randomized study (n = 650) using a 3×2×2 factorial design comparing efficacy and tolerability among: A: ZDV/3TC vs. ZDV/ddI vs. d4T/3TC; B: EFV vs. NVP, and C: Com-DOT vs. standard adherence strategies. This manuscript focuses on comparison B. Results—There was no significant difference by assigned NNRTI in time to virologic failure with resistance (log-rank p = 0.14), NVP vs. EFV risk ratio (RR) = 1.54 [0.86-2.70]. Rates of virologic failure with resistance were 9.6% NVP-treated [6.8-13.5] vs. 6.6% EFV-treated [4.2-10.0] at 3 years. Women receiving NVP-based cART trended towards higher virological failure rates when compared to EFV-treated women, Holm-corrected log-rank p = 0.072, NVP vs. EFV RR = 2.22 [0.94-5.00]. 139 patients had 176 treatment modifying toxicities, with shorter time to event in NVP-treated vs. EFV-treated, RR = 1.85 [1.20-2.86], log-rank p = 0.0002. Conclusions—Tshepo-treated patients had excellent overall immunologic and virologic outcomes, and no significant differences were observed by randomized NNRTI comparison. NVPtreated women trended towards higher virologic failure with resistance compared to EFV-treated women. NVP-treated adults had higher treatment modifying toxicity rates when compared to those receiving EFV. based cART can continue to be offered to women in SSA if routine safety monitoring chemistries are done and the potential risk of EFV-related teratogenicity is considered.