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Participant Manual for the WHO Basic ART Clinical Training Course (Draft): Based on WHO IMAI Chronic HIV Care Including ARV Therapy

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Geneva, WHO, 2004

A training course, based on a country (or project) adaptation of the IMAI Chronic HIV Care with ARV Therapy, which is administered both in the district hospital outpatient clinic and down to ART delivery through health centres at community level. These simplified and standardized WHO guidelines support the delivery of ARV therapy within the context of primary health care, based at first-level health facilities or in district outpatient clinics. The guidelines are based on the standardization and simplification of ARV regimens presented in Scaling Up Antiretroviral Therapy in Resource-Limited Settings1. IMAI provides tools (standardized guidelines and training courses to teach these guidelines). The module are for country adaptation and use in their efforts to achieve the 3 by 5 goals.The guideline modules cover Chronic HIV care with ARV Therapy, Acute care (including the management of opportunistic infections and when to suspect HIV, linking to testing and counselling), Palliative Care (symptom management at
home), and General Principles of Good Chronic Care (to support the health system transition from acute to chronic care). Each module can be used alone or as an integrated package. The pocket-size guideline modules are intended to be used both as learning aids (during this training course) and as job aids (for reference during clinical care). The modules are cross-referenced between each other; however, other national guidelines can be substituted if necessary. See Annex A for a short description of the 4 IMAI modules that are relevant to the continuum of care for HIV. Course participants will be given all 4 guideline modules and will learn to use them. The course focuses on the clinical part of Chronic HIV Care including ARV Therapy guideline module. This course is intended for first-level facility health workers who work in a district outpatient clinic or in peripheral health centres and clinics, in rural or urban 1 WHO: Scaling Up Antiretroviral Therapy in Resource-Limited Settings, revised December 2003 for areas, in low resource settings. We have divided the training to support the Chronic HIV Care including ART into two short courses−this clinical training course and a counselling course.