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Progress In Male Circumcision Scale-Up: Country Implementation and Research Update

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World Health Organisation and Joint United Programme on HIV/AIDS

This report provides an overview of progress in male circumcision programme scale-up in all the thirteen priority countries according to key elements.Information foreach country has been contributed by focal persons from Ministry of Health, UN Agencies within countries, PEPFAR programmes including U.S. Centers for Disease Control,USAID, and other implementing agencies through regular progress reports, collaborative consultations, meetings and discussions. Service delivery statistics have been provided as much as possible from Ministry of Health reports, however,some statistics were provided by supporting agencies. Most of the information has been collected during the month of May 2010.This report also contains a section on planned and ongoing research in the field of male circumcision for HIV prevention.We would like to acknowledge the contributions of all the study sponsors, investigators, funders and reviewers.