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Research Intiative: Pointers on cardiovascular disease risk, screening, and management in patients with HIV

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Author (s): 
Mark Mascolini
Corporate author: 
Research Intiative Treatment Action-RITA
Publication details: 
Carlifonia, The Center for AIDS Information & Advocacy, a program of Legacy Community Health Services.2013
VOL 18, No 1 .Summer 2013

Cohort studies show that cardiovascular disease affects HIV-positive people more often than HIV-negative comparison groups. People with HIV carry a heavy burden of classic and HIV-specific cardiovascular risk factors. HIV itself and combination
antiretroviral therapy (ART) appear to inflate cardiovascular risk about 50% in adults and children. At the same time, ART eases cardiovascular disease risk in various ways. Hypertension is highly prevalent in HIV populations and has a profound impact on cardiovascular and overall mortality.