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From Research to Reality: Investing in HIV Prevention Research in a Challenging Landscape

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Global Advacacy for HIV Preventon (AVAC)
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New York, AVAC, 2013

Spells out research efforts in HIV/AIDS prevention in this world. According to this report, the US remained the largest public-sector investor overall, spending a total of US$925 million in 2012—70 percent of the total investment in HIV prevention research and development (R&D). European public-sector investment totaled US$86 million, other governments invested US$69 million, philanthropic organizations invested US$203 million and the commercial sector invested US$34 million. An expanded and more diversified investment base could draw on contraditional sources, such as emerging economies and countries hosting clinical and other HIV prevention research, along with recommitted member states of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), whose support for HIV prevention R&D has waned over the past several years. With more partnerships and funding, research and development in HIV/AIDS will achieve great results in this world.