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Restless Development the youth- led development agency Annual Report 2014

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Restless Development
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London: Restless Development, 2015

Young people are most affected by the most persistent problems in the world, yet are frequently overlooked as part of the solution. Our mission is to place young people at the forefront of change and development. Our strength comes from handing over the delivery and management of all of our programmes to young people and young professionals. From the planning to the evaluating, young people demonstrate the power of development led by young people. And at every level in our structure young people are represented; from the boardroom right through to the field. We have been working to create change since 1985 and over the past 30 years, our programmes have reached over 7 million young people directly and indirectly. Half the world is under 25. And 1.8 billion people are between 16 and 25. These young people are a vast untapped asset, with the energy and ability to play an essential role in leading positive change for us all. And yet they are mostly side-lined or at best their involvement is purely tokenistic. For the past 30 years, we have demonstrated that young people can lead transformative and sustainable development that
addresses some of the most important issues facing society such as extreme poverty, exclusion and HIV/AIDS