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Retention in HIV Programmes: Defining the Challenges and Identifying Solutions

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World Health Organisation (WHO)
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Geneva, WHO, 2012

Reports on the WHO consultative meeting on Retention in HIV Care held on 13-15 September 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland. The key objectives of this meeting were:
To highlight the challenges around retention of patients between HIV diagnosis and enrollment and ongoing participation in HIV care with a focus on country-specific issues, to highlight the importance of diligent monitoring and evaluation to improve HIV care programmes, to identify gaps in documenting and monitoring LTFU (loss to follow-up), to propose standardized definitions for key terms such as loss-to follow-up, and retention, including standardized period definitions, to share country experiences and propose strategies to enhance retention in care with a focus on improving service delivery as part of treatment 2.0. The outcomes of the meeting were expected to serve as a foundation for future WHO normative guidance and to strengthen future programme support for retention in care.