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SADC HIV AND AIDS Strategic Framework 2010 - 2015: Final Draft

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Sourthen African Development Community (SADC)
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Pretoria: SADC, 2009

One of the greatest challenges facing the Southern African Development Community (SADC) as it moves towards greater integration is the adverse effect of HIV and AIDS on social, political and economic development. The region has the highest levels of HIV infection to be found globally. However, there has undoubtedly been progress in recent years in addressing the multiple challenges of HIV and AIDS in the region in the context of the many commitments made by Member States. The epidemic still presents a major threat to societies and development within SADC though and requires an urgent, more effective and better resourced response by MS and other stakeholders. The challenge of maintaining and extending gains is amplified by the huge scale of needs, combined with the prospect of greater resource constraints due to pressures on the regional and global economy.