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Southern Africa: Regional Development Cooperation Strategy 2011-2016

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s.l., USAID, 2010

A developmental strategy in different areas for Southern Africa by USAID. The document points out the challenges faced by the region over the years and the strategic plans for development between 2011-2016. Central to the Mission’s goal is the importance of regional integration, which benefits several countries through synergies of regional approaches and effectively addresses development challenges that are truly regional in nature. The Mission’s development objectives reflect this regional integration through a cross-cutting program that address food security and climate change; the role of migrant populations, regional networks, and health systems in the fight against HIV/AIDS; rule of law and human rights issues that are regional in nature or too politically sensitive to handle on a bilateral level; and quality administrative and support services, technical assistance, and human capacity development that supports USAID operations and greater non-governmental organization capacity across the region.