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Staying positive and healthy in the workplace: Wellness at Work - Issue 2: 2013

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Staying positive and healthy in the workplace:

For our new readers, the first edition of Wellness at Work was published in 2012. It introduced the idea of wellness and gave examples of what other organisations in both the non-profit and private sectors were doing in this area. We also shared with our readers the imbalance between Africa’s dedicated but small cadre of health workers and the very high (and increasing) disease burden. HIV remains high on the workplace wellness agenda, despite the huge inroads made by improved access to treatment. Poor adherence to treatment and stigma are still holding back progress. The numbers of children and young people getting newly infected remain too high for any of us to be complacent. For new and old readers alike, our first edition remains your ‘go to’ resource for understanding wellness at work. It contains tools to get you started and support you and your organisations towards wellness programming at a level that is sustainable, whatever your organisation’s size and structure!