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Technology Landscape: HIV Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Self-Testing: December 2016 Semi-Annual Update

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Geneva, WHO, 2016

The UNITAID HIV Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Self-Testing Landscape was first published on World Aids Day in December 2015, as part of an effort to build an understanding of the HIV self-testing (HIVST) market. A second edition was published in July 2016 at the International AIDS Conference, with a focus on description of new technologies and the products available or in the pipeline. Both documents are available from
This document provides an update to the last edition1. Relevant updates are included
for the following areas of the HIVST market and technology landscape:
• HIVST enabling environment: critical developments in policy and regulatory
• HIVST demand: market-size estimates for sub-Saharan Africa
• HIVST supply: updates on the technology pipeline