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Treatment of tuberculosis guidelines

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World Health Organisation
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Geneva, WHO, 2010

This edition confirms prior WHO recommendations for drug susceptibility testing (DST) at the start of therapy for all previously treated patients. Finding and treating multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) in previously treated patients will help to improve the very poor outcomes in these patients. New recommendations for the prompt detection and appropriate treatment of (MDR-TB) cases will also
improve access to life-saving care. The retreatment regimen with first-line drugs
(formerly called “Category 2” regimen) is ineffective in MDR-TB; it is therefore critical to detect MDR-TB promptly so that an effective regimen can be started.
Finally, it strongly reaffirms prior recommendations for supervised treatment, as well as the use of fixed-dose combinations of anti-TB drugs and patient kits as further measures for preventing the acquisition of drug resistance.