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Understanding the Macroeconomic Effects of Scaling Up ODA for HIV and AIDS: A Learning Resource and CD-ROM of Materials.

Author (s): 
Ohiorhenuan, L
Corporate author: 
UNDP, World Bank, UNAIDS
Publication details: 
New York, UNDP, 2008

The purpose of this learning resource is to overcome existing concerns that scaling up ODA funding for AIDS financing to Millennium Development Goal levels could affect the economic performance of recipient countries. The countries which are most likely to be affected by these specific concerns are existing country members of the Joint PRSP Programme. It is hoped that this learning resource will serve as a source of concise information on this issue for the Joint PRSP Programme, policy-makers, finance authorities, donors and others involved in AIDS financing. In addition the learning resource includes a workshop facilitation guide (see Annex I) and supporting materials (see attached CD-Rom) to support the Joint PRSP programme, academic institutions, and other key audiences to explore and internalize these issues during a workshop setting. The CD-Rom includes the workshop facilitation guide, two workshop schedules, three PowerPoint presentations and speaking notes, and a pre- and post-workshop self-assessment questionnaire). It also includes papers from the above mentioned Brasilia conference, Joint PRSP newsletters, a summary guide of academic studies and other relevant publications, and additional references for internet resources and organizations to contact.