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Using research in public health policymaking: state policy guide

Publication year: 
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Council of State Governments (CSG)
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USA, CSG, 2008
Fall 2008

This guide describes the benefits of using research results to make state policy decisions on public health and other health and human services concerns. In addition to considering budgetary constraints, how well a policy fits in your state, public opinion and other political factors, state legislators can effectively apply the cumulative lessons from public health research by working closely with researchers and other experts. Specifically, this guide will help legislators and their staffs understand: how to use research results to produce effective public health policies and programs ƒƒ and to spend public resources as wisely as possible; ways to work with researchers and other experts to understand and apply research evidence on successful programs; key concepts and terms used by public health researchers; how research evidence varies in strength, and what must be considered to determine the likelihood a program
or policy will work for your state; tips for using research when drafting legislation;ƒƒ how to work with coalitions of experts and advocates to advance public health issues;ƒƒ resources for finding more information about public health policy recommendations based on research results; andƒƒ how one state used research results to make a measurable positive difference in people’s lives.