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The Visual Economy of HIV/AIDS: A Report for the AIDS, Security and Conflict Initiative

Author (s): 
Campbell, D
Publication details: 
New York, The United Nations, 2008

This report investigates the way HIV/AIDS has been visualized through photography since its public emergence in 1981, and examines whether that visualization has altered since the disease was problematized as a security issue in 2000. Its focus is on photojournalism as published in a small selection of major US and UK media outlets, notably the New York Times, The Guardian and The Observer (London), as well as Time magazine, since 2000. Also considered is the work of selected documentary photographers and photojournalists who have undertaken special projects on HIV/AIDS, as well as a sample of photography used by the United Nations (UN) and non-government organizations (NGO) publications concerned with HIV/AIDS. This investigation seeks to address a number of research questions on HIV/AIDS that are outlined in the report.