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We can prevent people living with HIV from dying of tuberculosis: Joint Action for Results, UNAIDS Outcome Framework: Business Case ( 2009–2011)

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Geneva, UNAIDS, 2010

Reports on UNAIDS's strategies that were done to prevent TB in various countries of this world between 2009-2011. For each priority area, a business case was developed by a global UNAIDS interagency working group, building upon and complementing action on the ground. Each business case is different, due to differences in the scope, knowledge base and stage of development of the policies and programmes involved. However, each business case succinctly explains the rationale for the priority area and outlines why success in this area will dramatically decrease new HIV infections and improve the lives of people living with and affected by HIV. The business cases delineate what is currently working and what needs to change in order to make headway in the 10 areas. They are intended to guide future investment and to hold UNAIDS accountable for its role in achieving tangible results. Each priority area business case presents three results to be achieved globally by 2011, which mark important progress towards our shared 2015 goals. These business cases informed both the UNAIDS 2011- 2015 Strategy and the development of the 2012-2015 Unified Budget, Results and Workplan.