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WHO Annual Meeting with Diagnostic Manufacturers and Stakeholders: Global Forecast of Diagnostic Demand for 2014-2018

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Geneva, WHO, 2015

With this meeting WHO also aims to continue dialogue with diagnostic manufacturers on how they can best collaborate towards closing the gap in access and reach the 90-90- 90 targets. Looking ahead in the future, he encouraged participants to have a constructive and open discussion towards closing the gap between the current coverage and the 90-90-90 targets by 2020.

The meeting is part of the effort to increase access to diagnostics. WHO partners play a significant technical contribution to forecasting efforts. It is noted that diagnostic manufacturers also have data and they have a role in commenting, in private or otherwise, on the assumptions made and the accuracy of the forecasts. This report summarizes the main points discussed during the meeting. The agenda and list of participants are found in Annexes I and II, respectively.