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Will we end the HIV epidemic?: the impact of HIV treatment on HIV prevention and implications for the 2010 replenishment of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and malaria.

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International AIDS Society.
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New York, International AIDS Society, 2010
EP 1. BS12212.

Ever since effective HIV treatments have been scaled up there have been unhelpful debates suggesting a dichotomy between treatment and prevention. What is increasingly clear is that thelinks between HIV treatment and HIV prevention are more substantial and that creating a sharp division between treatment and prevention programmes is both inaccurate and counter-productive.The initial commitment to universal access included a focus on treatment as a means to decrease AIDS-related morbidity and mortality along with a separate focus on prevention as a means to decrease rates of HIV transmission. Over the past five years it has become clear that the benefits of HIV treatment extend far beyond saving the lives of individuals with HIV: antiretroviral therapy plays a key role in decreasing HIV transmission, and as a result the value of the original universal
access commitment has dramatically increased. Delivering HIV treatment to all who need it could cut new HIV infections by 30% within five years.