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Zimbabwe National Guidelines on HIV Testing and Counselling

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Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, World Health Organisation
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Cu 1. BS\12502

The vision of the Ministry of Health and Child welfare is to provide a comprehensive HIV and AIDS package of prevention, treatment, care and support to the infected and affected. One of the critical components in the provision of this package is HIV testing and counselling. HIV testing and counselling is also an entry point to prevention,treatment, care and support services. It is generally assumed that knowledge of one’s HIV status acquired in a supportive environment with appropriate pretest and post test counseling is a significant motivator for positive behaviour change. It is also the right of every Zimbabwean to know their HIV status. However, according to the Young Adult Survey of 2002 approximately 10% of the population is aware of their HIV status. It is against this background that there is need to increase access and scale up the HIV testing and counselling as we scale up comprehensive HIV and AIDS service provision