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Swaziland Global AIDS Response Progress Reporting 2014
Corporate author: UNAIDS, Government of Swaziland
Publication details: Swaziland, UNAIDS, 2014
Challenges | Children | Development Planning | Epidemiology | Gender | Prevention | Response | Stigma and Discrimination | TB

TB Interviewing for Contact Investigation: A Practical Resource for the Healthcare Worker.
Corporate author: Global Tuberculosis Institute.
Publication details: London, Global Tuberculosis Institute, 2015
Care | health care workers | Information and Communication Skills Enhancement | TB Interviewing

Tb/hiv Co-infection, Antiretroviral Therapy and Children: The Basics You Should Know.
Corporate author: SAfAIDS
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS, n.d.
Children | HIV | TB

The AIDS 2008 Impact Report: Evidence to Action.
Author(s): Kort, R
Corporate author: International AIDS Society.
Publication details: Geneva, International AIDS Society, 2008
Behavioural and Economic Science | Clinical and Biomedical Research | Epidemiology | Planning | Policy | Response
The Child Within: Connecting with Children Who Have Experienced Grief and Loss.
Author(s): Rankin, J; Cochrane,R
Corporate author: Khulakahle Child Counselling and Training Forum.
Publication details: Oxford, Strategies for hope, 2008
Series: Called to Care; No. 6
Care | Children | Discipline | Grief | Loss

The HIV Response in Political Conflict: Lessons Learnt from Cote d’Ivoire 2002 - 2010
Corporate author: International HIV and AIDS Alliance
Publication details: East Sussex, International HIV and AIDS Alliance, 2014
impact assessment | Planning | Political Conflicts | Prevention | Response
The Inkwanca Home/Community Based Care Model in South Africa
Corporate author: SAfAIDS, SADC
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS, 2008
Series: SADC HIV and AIDS Best Practice Series                   
Counselling | Home Based Care Projects | Intergration | Projects | Psychology | Social Security | Support | Workshops

The Long-Term Impact of the MEMA kwa Vijana Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Intervention: Effect of Dose and Time since Intervention Exposure
Author(s): Doyle, Aoife M. [et al.]
Publication details: Mema kwa Vijana, 2008
Publication in: PLOS One; September 2011 | Volume 6 | Issue 9 | e24866
Adolescents | impact assessment | Pregnancy | Sexual and reproductive health | Sexual Behaviour | Young people

Corporate author: Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development
Publication details: Zimbabwe, Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Economic development, 2013
Constitutional and Legal Rights | Economic Empowerment | Education and Training | Gender and Environment | Gender Based Violence | Health | Media and ICTS | Politics and Decision Making

The role of community involvement in improving reproductive health and preventing HIV among young people
Corporate author: family Health International/YouthNet.
Publication details: Virginia, Family Health International, 2006
Community Involvement | Gender | HIV Prevention | Reproductive Health | Young people

The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2008: High Food Prices and Food Security – Threats and Opportunities
Corporate author: Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United States.
Publication details: Rome, FAO, 2008
Access to food | Food Insecurity | Food Prices | Food Security | Nutrition | Poverty Reduction