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Young people,sex and relationships
Publication year: 2013
Author(s): Marge Berer(ed)
Publication details: London:Reproductive Health Matters
Series: Reproductive Health Matters
Location: PR1 BS/12 744
Gender | Relationships | Reproductive Health | Sex | Sex Education | Young people

Guidelines for counselling youth on sexuality
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: Southern African AIDS Trust (SAT), Canadian International Development Agency, SIDA.
Publication details: Johannesburg, SAT, 2006
Series: HIV Counselling Series No. 11
Location: CU 1. BS/11910.
Counselling | Menstruation | Pregnancy | Puberty | Sex Education | Sexual Abuse | Sexual Rights | Sexual Violence | Sexuality | Sexually Transmitted Diseases | STIs

International family planning perspectives
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Patricia, D (Ed.)
Publication details: The Guttmacher Institute, 2006
Series: Mar-06
Location: PR 1. BS/10727.
Gender | HIV Prevention | Reproductive Health | Sex Education

One love: soul sex
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Brouard, P; Smith, C; Radford, L
Publication details: Johannesburg, Soul City, 2006
Location: SO 1. BS/12176.
Adolescents | HIV Prevention | prevention methods | Sex Education | Young people

Preventing HIV/AIDS in young people: a systematic review of the evidence from developing countries
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: World Health Organisation.
Publication details: Geneva, World Health Organisation, 2006
Series: WHO technical report series no.938
Location: PR 1. BS/10480.
Adolescents | HIV Prevention | Sex Education | Young people

Standing up for HIV prevention
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Hilderbrand, S
Publication details: Sweden, Face of AIDS Foundation, 2006
Location: PR 2. CD/10687.
Gender | HIV Prevention | Reproductive Health | Sex Education

International family planning perspectives
Publication year: 2005
Author(s): Patricia, D (Ed.)
Publication details: The Guttmacher Institute, 2005
Series: June 2005 volume 31, number 2
Location: PR 1. BS/10728.
Family Planning | Gender | Prevention | Reproductive Health | Sex Education

Teaching about HIV/AIDS
Publication year: 2005
Author(s): Winkler, G; Bodeinstein, M
Publication details: Oxford, Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2005
Location: CFS. BS/10356.
Attitudes | opharns and vulnerable children | Prevention | Sex Education | teaching

Developing materials on HIV/AIDS/STIs for low literate audiences
Publication year: 2004
Corporate author: Family Health International.
Publication details: Washington, Family Health International, 2004
Location: PR 2. BS/10615.
Prevention | Reproductive Health | Sex Education

Psychological and socio-medical aspects of HIV and AIDS
Publication year: 2004
Author(s): Ansell, N; Young, L
Publication details: New York, Taylor and Francis Limited, 2004
Publication in: AIDS Care: Volume 16. no 1
Series: AIDS Care
Location: CA 1. BS/11993.
Antenatal Care | Caregivers | Counseling | homebased care | Incidence | orphanhood | PLWHA | Prevention | Sex Education | Testing | transimission

Long-term reductions in sexual initiation and sexual activity among urban middle schoolers in the reach for health service learning program.
Publication year: 2002
Author(s): O'Donnell, L; Stueve, A; O'Donnell, C; et al
Publication details: New York, Elsevier Science Inc.,2002
Location: Pr 1. F/7638.
Adolescents | gender issues | Minority Health | School Health | Service Learning | Sex Education | Sexual Behaviour | Sexual Risk-Taking

Experience of capacity building in HIV/AIDS education and prevention with South African traditional healers: the Nompumelelo Phambili traditional healers' project.
Publication year: 2000
Author(s): Rabaji, E; Mahlalela, X; Mini, C.; Ngcokoto, A.; Sonnichsen, C.
Publication details: Arlington, AIDSCAP,2000
Location: Cl 1. F/8135.
Health Education | Peer Group | Prevention | Sex Education | Traditional Healers

Health in the Commonwealth: sharing solutions
Publication year: 1999
Corporate author: Kensington Publications Limited for the Commonwealth Secretariat.
Publication details: London, Kensington Publications
Location: Pr 1. Pr 1 BS/5090.
aged | Counselling | health promotion | Prevention | Sex Education
Sexual health education: lower risk.
Publication year: 1998
Corporate author: UNAIDS.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,1998
Location: SAf News 4/1998.
Adolescents | Life Skills | Prevention | Sex Education | STDs

Talking With Your Child About Sex: A Guide for Parents.
Publication year: 1998
Author(s): Hurt, Karen.
Publication details: Geneva, UNHCR,1998
Location: CSB. CSB/10519.
Children | Sex | Sex Education | Sexuality
Youth sex, taboos and condoms.
Publication year: 1998
Author(s): Verkuyl, Douwe A.A.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,1998
Location: SAf News 2/1998.
Adolescents | Condom use | Sex Education | Sexual Behaviour

Young women's sexual risk taking behaviour: re-visiting the influences of sexual self-efficacy and sexual self-esteem
Publication year: 1997
Author(s): Minichiello, Seal A.; Omodei, M.
Publication details: s.l., International Journal of STD and AIDS,1997
Series: International Journal of STD and AIDS, Volume 8, March 1997
Location: Tr 1. F/6734.
Risky Behaviour | Self Efficacy | self esteem | Sex Education | Sexual Behaviour | STD | Women

Expanding family planning options: an assessment of the need for contraceptive introduction in Zambia
Publication year: 1995
Corporate author: A World Health Organisation.
Publication details: Geneva, WHO,1995
Location: PR2. BS/9204.
Adolescents | Family Planning | gender issues | Reproductive Health | Sex Education

School sex education: an experimental programme with educational and medical benefit
Publication year: 1995
Author(s): Mellanby, Alex R [et al].
Publication details: London, BMJ,1995
Location: PR2. F/9356.
behavioural control | Sex Education | Sexual Behaviour

Adolesson: young people's voices.
Corporate author: Youth Coalition.
Publication details: Ontario, Youth Coalition,n.d.
Location: Pr 1. BS/6912.
Adolescents | peer education | Pregnancy | Sex Education | Sexual Behaviour