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Conceptualisation of Gender Based Violence in Zimbabwe
Publication year: 2013
Author(s): Mashiri, Luckson
Publication details: Gweru, Midlands State University, 2013
Publication in: International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Vol. 3 No. 15; August 2013
Abuse | Gender Based Violence | Patriarchy | Survivors | Victims

Men Against GBV: Defending Our Communities from Gender-based violence and HIV: Issue 1, 2013
Publication year: 2013
Author(s): SAfAIDS
Corporate author: SAfAIDS
Series: UN Women
GBV | Gender Based Violence | Men as protectors
Gender Equality in HIV and AIDS Programming
Publication year: 2012
Corporate author: VOSinternational
Publication details: London, Voluntary organisations services, 2012
Culture and norms | Gender Based Violence | Gender Equality | Gender Programming | HIV and AIDS | Masculinity | MDGs | Prevention | Stigma and Discrimination | treatment care and support
Inter-linkages between culture, gender based violence, hiv/aids and women's rights: training manual.
Publication year: 2008
Author(s): SAfAIDS.
Corporate author: SAFAIDS, Oxfam.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS, 2008
Series: Changing the River's Flow Series
Culture | Gender Based Violence | HIV/AIDS | Women's Rights

Perfect crimes: sexual harassment at the workplace in Zimbabwe
Publication year: 2005
Author(s): Naira, K
Publication details: Zimbabwe, Child and Law Foundation, 2005
Location: EM. BS/10353.
emotional disorders | Employment | Gender Based Violence | gender harassment | sexual coersion

Picture my Life: Experiences of women and men affected by HIV/AIDS in Gwanda and Shurugwi, Zimbabwe
Publication year: 2005
Author(s): Zimbabwe Women Resource Centre Network
Publication details: Harare, Sable Press, 2005
Location: GE 1. GE 1/BS10067.
Care | Discrimination | Gender Based Violence | Knowledge | men | Prevention | Sexual Abuse | Stigma | Women

Internal gender based violence desk study (August 1998 to August 2004 in retrospect): activism around violence against girls in Zimbabwe
Publication year: 2004
Corporate author: Girl Child Network.
Publication details: Harare, Girl Child Network, 2004
Location: GE 1. BS/9795.
Children | GBV | Gender | Gender Based Violence | girl child | Statistics | Strategic Planning

Promoting an intergrated approach to combat gender based violence: a training manual
Publication year: 2002
Author(s): Oguli-Oumo, M; Molokome, I M; Gwaba, M M; Mogegeh, V K
Publication details: London, Commonwealth Secretariat,2002
Location: GE 1. BS/9599.
awareness programmes | Ethics | GBV | Gender | Gender Based Violence | Planning | Strategic Planning | Training

At the Crossroads: Linking Strategic Framework to Address Gender-Based Violence and HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa.
Author(s): Combrinck, H; Wakefield, L
Corporate author: Community Law Centre, University of the Western Cape.
Publication details: Western Cape, Community Law Centre, 2007
Access to HIV Prevention | Gender Based Violence | HIV/AIDS | Impact of HIV/AIDS | Role of SADC | SADC Strategic Framework on HIV and AIDS | Violence Against Women

Corporate author: Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development
Publication details: Zimbabwe, Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Economic development, 2013
Constitutional and Legal Rights | Economic Empowerment | Education and Training | Gender and Environment | Gender Based Violence | Health | Media and ICTS | Politics and Decision Making