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Strengthening capacity for AIDS vaccine research: analysis of the Pfizer Global Health Fellows Program and the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative
Publication year: 2013
Author(s): Vian, Taryn [et al.]
Publication details: USA, BioMed Central, 2013
Publication in: BMC Health Services Research 2013, 13:378
Capacity Building | NGOs | Policy | Programmes | Vaccine Research Initiatives

Building Local Capacity for Delivery of HIV Services in Southern Africa: Overview
Publication year: 2012
Corporate author: Management Sciences for Health (MSH)
Publication details: Pretoria, BLC, 2012
Series: Fact Sheet, December 2012
Antiretroviral Treatment | Behaviour Change Communication | Capacity Building | Male Circumcision | Option B+ | PMTCT | Prevention

20 Years of Strengthening Community HIV and AIDS Competence: Lessons for the Future
Publication year: 2011
Corporate author: Southern African AIDS Trust (SAT)
Publication details: Johannesburg, SAT, 2011
Series: SAT Share Series
Advocacy | Capacity Building | Community Participation | Development | Partnerships | Planning | Prevention | scaling up | Sustainability | Training | Youth Counselling

Engaging media in communicating research on sexual and reproductive health and rights in sub-Saharan Africa: experiences and lessons learned
Publication year: 2011
Author(s): Ndakala Oronje, Rose [et al]
Publication details: s.l., Biomed Central, 2011
Publication in: Health Research Policy and Systems 2011, 9(Suppl 1):S7
Capacity Building | Communication | Media | Research | Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Hiv/AIDS, Human Rights in Southern Africa
Publication year: 2009
Corporate author: ARASA
Publication details: South Africa, ARASA, 2009
Advocacy | Capacity Building | Human Rights | Law | Response | Training
Delivering Safer Motherhood: Sharing the Evidence.
Publication year: 2007
Corporate author: Impact, Population Reference Bureau (PRB).
Publication details: Scotland, Impact, PRB, 2007
Capacity Building | Maternal Health | Pregnancy | Research and Evaluation Needs | Women
Scaling Up HIV and AIDS Responses Among Employers and Workers and their Organisations in Zimbabwe
Publication year: 2007
Corporate author: International Labour Organisation (ILO)
Publication details: Harare, ILO, 2007
access to treatment | Capacity Building | Discrimination | economic impact | scaling up | Stigma | Workplace

Sound choices: enhancing capacity fo evidence - informed policy.
Publication year: 2007
Corporate author: Alliance for Health Systems Research, WHO.
Publication details: Geneva, WHO, 2007
Capacity Building | Health Policy Planning | Knowledge Generation | Networking

Strenghtening people's power for health: 14th national conference.
Publication year: 2007
Corporate author: CWGH.
Publication details: Harare, CWHG, 2007
Location: PR 1. BS/11058.
Capacity Building | Children | Mental Health | Monitoring | Orphans | Treatment | Violence Act | Youth

The mid-term review of the Botswana national strategic framework for HIV/AIDS2003-2009.
Publication year: 2007
Corporate author: NACA Botswana.
Publication details: Gaborone, NACA, 2007
Location: PL 1. BS/11683.
Capacity Building | Co-ordination | Funding and Financial Management | Monitoring and Evaluation | Programmes | Services

AIDS and mobility news
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Chris, C; Georg, B (Ed.)
Publication details: The Netherlands, AIDS and Mobility Europe, 2006
Series: No.12, December 2006
Location: `RE 1. BS/10815.
Capacity Building | HIV Prevention | Migration | mobile populations | Policy | Religion

Calming the storms: community views on responsibility
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: Africa Community Publishing and Development Trust
Publication details: Cape Town, Africa Community Publishing and Development Trust, 2006
Series: Community capacity buliding series
Location: SO. BS/10593.
Capacity Building | Responsibility | Social Aspects

Capacity bulding in times of HIV/AIDS
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Mudler, A
Publication details: Pretoria, VSO-RAISA, 2006
Location: PL1. BS/10537.
Advocacy | Capacity Building | Planning

Facing the challenge: children's rights and human development in Latin American news media
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Adriano, G (Ed.)
Publication details: Brasilia, ANDI, 2006
Location: CSB. BS/10785.
Capacity Building | Children | Development | Media | Rights

Improving health in challenging environments
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: Management Sciences for Health
Publication details: Cambridge, Management Sciences for Health, 2006
Location: PR 1. BS/10724.
Capacity Building | Community mobilisation | Health | Impact | Prevention

Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium (KANCO): annual report 2005
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: KANCO.
Publication details: Nairobi, KANCO, 2006
Location: OG 1. BS/10827.
Advocacy | Capacity Building | Development | Report

Putting the three ones principles into action: experiences from Lesotho, Malawi, the United Republic of Tanzania and Zambia
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: SADC.
Publication details: Gaborone, SADC, 2006
Location: PL 1. BS/10650.
Capacity Building | Planning | UNGASS | Universal Access

The African campaign on disability and HIV AIDS
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: African Decade.
Publication details: Cape Town, African Decade, 2006
Location: ET 1. F/10814.
Advocacy | campaign | Capacity Building | Disability | Policy

The SADC/EU project on HIV/AIDS: making a difference to sharing information
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: SADC.
Publication details: Gaborone, SADC, 2006
Location: ME 1. F/10712.
Capacity Building | Information | Media | Security

The SADC/EU project on HIV/AIDS: making a difference to the health sector
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: SADC.
Publication details: Gaborone, SADC, 2006
Location: EC 1. F/10713.
Capacity Building | Economic | Health sector | Security

Zimbabwe agricultural sector strategy on HIV and AIDS: 2006-2010
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: Ministry of Agriculture. Food and Agriculture Organisation.
Publication details: Harare, Ministry of Agriculture, 2006
Location: EC 1. BS/10626.
agricultural sector | Capacity Building | Economic Aspects | Mainstreaming | Monitoring and Evaluation | Policy

CEDOVIP: annual report 2005: mobilising communities to prevent domestic violence
Publication year: 2005
Author(s): Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP)
Publication details: Kampala, CEDOVIP, 2005
Location: GE 1. BS/10774.
Capacity Building | community response | Domestic Violence | Gender | Violence

Evaluation and beneficiary survey
Publication year: 2005
Corporate author: Regional AIDS Training Network
Publication details: Germany, Regional AIDS Training Network, 2005
Location: PL 1. BS/10377.
Capacity Building | Development | information sources | resource centre | Training

Our common interest: report of the commission for Africa
Publication year: 2005
Author(s): Commission for Africa
Publication details: London, Commission for Africa, 2005
Location: EC 1. BS/9896.
Capacity Building | Culture | Economic Aspects | ethics and policy | GovernancE | Legacy | peace and security | planning and management | Poverty | Poverty Reduction