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Zimbabwe paediatric ART training manual for health care workers.
Publication year: 2007
Corporate author: HIV and AIDS Quality of Care Initiative, Elizabeth Glasier paediatric AIDS Foundation, Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention
Location: CL 1. BS/11967.
Antenatal Care | Antiretroviral Therapy | Epidemic | HIV Virus Structure | Immunology | Infections | Prevention | Statistics | Transmission | Virology
Quality assurance in bacteriology and immunology
Publication year: 2003
Author(s): Kumari, S; Bhatia, R
Publication details: India, World Health Organisation, 2003
Publication in: WHO Regional Plublication, South East Asia Series No.28
Series: WHO Regional Plublication, South East Asia Series
Location: CL 1. BS/10415.
bacteriology | clinical aspects | Immunology

ANRS in the developing world.
Publication year: 2002
Corporate author: ANRS.
Publication details: Pris, ANRS,2002
Location: Og 1. BS/7196.
behavioural Sciences | Children | Clinical Research | Health Economics | Immunology | Opportunistic Infections | Prevention | Programmes | Research | STDs | Treatment | Vertical Transmission | Virological Surveilaance | Vulnerability | Women

Blair Research Institute: annual report 2000.
Publication year: 2000
Corporate author: Blair Research Institute (BRI).
Publication details: Harare, BRI,2000
Location: B/Ann.
Development | Epidemiology | Health Delivery Systems | Immunology | Microbiology | Organisations | Planning