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Ending the HIV and Hepatitis C Epidemics Amongst People Who Inject Drugs: Support Don’t punish
Publication year: 2016
Corporate author: International HIV/AIDS Alliance
Publication details: UK, The International HIV/AIDS Alliance, 2016
Community-Based Harm Reduction Programmes | Drug Policy | Drug use | harm reduction | Hepatitis | HIV | Interventions | Treatment

Utility of week-4 viral response to tailor treatment duration in hepatitis c virus genotype 3/HIV co-infected patients.
Publication year: 2007
Author(s): Crespo, M; Esteban, J; Ribera, E
Publication details: Barcelona, Lippicott Williams and Wilkins, 2007
Location: TM 1. F/12294.
Co-infection | Hepatitis | Infection | Medicine | Monitoring | Treatment | Virus

Hepatitis A: what you should know
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: Vaccine Education Center.
Publication details: Philadelphia, The Children's Hospital of Phildelphia, 2006
Location: VA 1. F/10317.
Children | Hepatitis | Opportunistic Infections | vaccine safety

Guide to management of HIV drug resistance, antiretrovirals pharmacokinetics and viral hepatitis in HIV infected subjects
Publication year: 2004
Author(s): Clotet, B; Schapiro, J; Burger, D
Publication details: Catalonia, Fundacio de Lluita contra la SIDA, 2004
Location: TM 1. BS/9587.
ARVs | clinical aspects | Drug Resistance | Hepatitis | planning and management | treatments

Rough guide to HIV
Publication year: 2004
Author(s): Balkin, A
Publication details: Middesex, How's That Publishing Limited, 2004
Location: PR 1. BS/9586.
ARV | Children | Hepatitis | Monitoring | Pregnancy | prevention and awareness | Testing | Transmission | Treatment

Sexual co-transmission of HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C viruses
Publication year: 2000
Author(s): Singh, S et al.
Publication details: London, BMJ
Series: STI Online
Location: Tr 1. F/5366.
clinical aspects | Hepatitis | Transmission

Sexual co-transmission of HIV,Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C viruses.
Publication year: 2000
Author(s): Singh,Sirisha. Thappa,D M. Jaisankar, T J ; Sujatha,S.
Publication details: London, BMJ,2000
Series: STI Online
Location: Tr 1. F/5366.
clinical aspects | Hepatitis | Transmission