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Adopting the female condom in Kenya and Brazil: perspectives of women and men - a synthesis.
Publication year: 1997
Author(s): Ankrah, Maxine E; Attika, Sara A.
Corporate author: Family Health International/AIDSCAP.
Publication details: Arlington/USA, AIDSCAP Women's Initiative,1997
Location: Pr 2. BS/7252.
Condom use | Data Analysis | Data Collection | Empowerment | gender issues | social support | Women

Male condom accessibility and availability within peripheral health centres in Zimbabwe
Publication year: 1997
Corporate author: National AIDS Coordination Programme, Ministry of Health and Child Welfare.
Publication details: Harare, Ministry of Health,1997
Location: Pr 2. F/6058.
Condom use | Data Analysis | Data Collection | demography | research methodology | Sexual Behaviour | Statistics

World of silence: living with HIV in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe.
Publication year: 1997
Author(s): Meursing, Karla Johanna Juliana.
Publication details: Amsterdam, Royal Tropical Institute,1997
Location: Ep 1. BS/7996.
Community | Coping | Data Analysis | Data Collection | Economic Aspects | Epidemiology | Family | Marriage | Prevalence | Psychosocial Aspects | research methodology | Sexual relationships

Retrospective study on the criteria for diagnosis of HIV infection in adults in Zimbabwe
Publication year: 1996
Author(s): Chibatamoto, P P et al.
Publication details: Harare, University of Zimbabwe,1996
Series: Central African Journal of Medicine
Location: Cl 1. F/6205.
Data Collection | Diagnosis | Infection | Treatment

Reviewing and analysing youth health.
Publication year: 1995
Corporate author: Commonwealth Secretariat.
Publication details: London, Commonwealth Secretariat,1995
Location: Pr 1. F/7986.
Adolescents | Data Collection | Youth Health | Youth Policy

Narrative research method: studying behaviour patterns of young people-by young people - a guide to its use
Publication year: 1993
Corporate author: World Health Organisation (WHO).
Publication details: Geneva, WHO,1993
Location: Rm 1. BS/8455.
Data Analysis | Data Collection | research methods

Survey methods in community medicine: an introduction to epidemiological and evaluative studies
Publication year: 1979
Author(s): Abramson, J H
Publication details: New York, Churchill Livingstone,1979
Location: Rm 1. BS/8672.
Data Collection | data processing | Planning | research methods

Economic evaluation of HIV prenatal screening in France: results of a cost-benefit analysis
Author(s): Le Gales, C; Seror, V; Courpotin, C
Publication details: Parispaediatrics Department, Hospital Trousseau,
Location: Ec 1. F/6441.
Cost-effectiveness | Data Collection | Economic Aspects | Pregnancy | research methodology | Transmission

Guidelines for sexually transmitted infections surveillance
Corporate author: UNAIDS; WHO.
Publication details: Geneva, UNAIDS,
Series: UNAIDS/WHO Working Group on Global HIVAIDS/STI Surveillance
Location: PL 1. PL 1 BS/6704.
Data Collection | sentinel surveillance | STIs | Surveillance Data

Methodane Substitution Therapy Program in Mauritius.
Corporate author: SADC.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS, 2008
Challenges | Crime | Data Collection | Drug Users | Family | IDUs | Innovatoin | Tools | VCCT

Towards a standardized framework for costing HIV and AIDS treatment and care in Europe
Author(s): Tolley, K; Gyldmark, M
Publication details: England,Denmark, School of Public Health and Danish Hospital Institute,
Location: Ec 1. F/6424.
clinical aspects | Cost-effectiveness | Data Collection | Economic Aspects | Health Care | Treatment