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Adolescent girls, capabilities and gender justice: review of the lierature for East Africa, South Asia and South-East Asia

Publication year: 
Author (s): 
Carol Watson, James Hamilton
Corporate author: 
Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
Publication details: 
UK, ODI, 2013

This Background Note synthesises the results of three extensive literature reviews prepared as part of continuing work by the Overseas Development Institute
(ODI) exploring the extent to which gender justice for adolescent girls is shaped by formal and informal laws, norms, attitudes and practices that limit them in theattainment and exercise of their capabilities. Providing a snapshot of the social, economic and political conditions that shape girls’ everyday lives, this paper covers reviews conducted over three regions: East and South-
East Asia (ESEA), South Asia (SA) and East Africa and the cultural and religious influences develops or inhibits girls’ capabilities. However, social processes that define capability development, formal and informal laws, norms, attitudes and practices tend to operate at the household and community levels or between individual countries or areas. This paper focuses on major discriminatory trends, behaviours and macro processes in each region; key issues and gender-basedvulnerabilities; and regional and local perspectives,priorities or conceptual frameworks established by groups working on gender justice and adolescent girls.