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The bravest boy i know

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Geneva:UNAIDS, 2014

The book features two delightful eight-year olds living in Africa: a girl called Kayla and a boy called Kendi. Kendi is living with HIV, but seems as happy as any other child. The story focuses on their carefree life at school, at home and in the countryside. The book also discusses Kendi’s feelings about being unwell sometimes, and about his mum’s support when he takes medicine. Kendi is full of dreams and imagination, and has worked out how to deal with the challenges that come with living with HIV. And Kayla adores him, describing him as the “Bravest boy I know”.
This little book is deliberately light, friendly and positive. It may be useful as a discussion starter for many audiences, especially children aged five years and over, including children living with HIV, parents, other family members, caregivers and friends, as well as health-care providers, teachers and other support professionals.