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Emerging issues from policy dialogues: exploring links between gbv, hiv and culture.

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Harare, SAfAIDS, 2009

Assesses the vulnerability of women and girls to HIV infection which has been dentified as being deeply rooted in culture and tradition based on patriarchy that culminates in high levels of gender-based violence (GBV), violation of women's rights and a high infection rate for women and girls in the region as compared to men. Reports on SAfAIDS, as a leader in HIV information dissemination, policy formulation and material development, which embarked on a project funded by Oxfam Canada to partner with ten women's organisations highlighting the interlinkages between culture, GBV, women's rights and HIV. Programmes were then developed to bring these interlinkages to the fore and to identify and develop interventions around them. One such intervention was the use of policy dialogues to enable discourse on the interlinkages between traditional leaders, women's organisations, policymakers and women's representatives. Other issues raised, that need further policy scrutiny, were: the criminalisation of wilful transmission of HIV; commercial sex work; domestic violence and marital rape. The emerging issues have illustrated the magnitude of the problem, highlighting current interventions to address the issues and expose the gaps.

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