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On the Fast-Track to End AIDS

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Geneva, UNAIDS, 2016

Presents the UNAIDS Fast-Track Strategy to End AIDS by 2030 - a bold call to action to get on the Fast-Track and reach people being left behind. It is an urgent call to front-load investments. It is a call to reach the 90–90–90 treatment targets, to close the testing gap and to protect the health of the 22 million people living with HIV who are still not accessing treatment. It is a call to redress the deplorably low treatment coverage for children living with HIV. The Strategy focuses on UNAIDS' unfinished agenda—drastically reducing new infections to bend the trajectory of the epidemic. The book affirms that there is need to protect future generations from acquiring HIV by eliminating once and for all new HIV infections among children, and by ensuring young people can access the HIV-related and sexual and reproductive health services they need. Also empowering young people, particularly young women, is of utmost importance to prevent HIV, including by ending gender-based violence and promoting healthy gender norms.