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Global AIDS Response Progress Reporting 2014: Construction of Core Indicators for Monitoring the 2011 United Nations Political Declaration on HiV and Aids: Guidelines 2014

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Geneva, UNAIDS, 2014

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to national AIDS programmes and partners actively involved in the country response to AIDS on use of core indicators to measure and report on the national response. To assess progress made against the targets, the collection and reporting of indicator data is an important part. Countries are strongly encouraged to integrate these core indicators into their on-going monitoring and evaluation activities. These indicators are designed to help countries assess the current state of their national response and progress in achieving their national HIV targets. They will contribute to a better
understanding of the global response to the HIV pandemic, including progress towards the global targets set in the 2011 UN Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS and the Millennium Development Goals. These guidelines are designed to improve the quality and consistency of data collected at the country level, thus enhancing the accuracy of conclusions drawn at national, regional and global levels.