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Guidance on Global Scale-up of the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV

Publication year: 
Corporate author: 
World Health Organisation (WHO)
Publication details: 
Geneva, WHO, 2007

This document spells out plans by WHO to promote the integration of PMTCT and links with maternal, newborn and child health, antiretroviral therapy, family planning and sexually transmitted infection services. The goal being to ensure the delivery of a package of essential services for quality maternal, newborn and child care that should include routine quality antenatal care for all women regardless of HIV status and additional comprehensive services for women living with HIV and care for HIV-exposed infants and young children. The book calls upon international organizations and agencies and national governments and bodies to renew their commitment, strengthen partnerships and give high priority within their respective mandates and programmes to supporting national governments in accelerating the scale up of PMTCT.