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Guide to Hepatitis B for people living with hiv.

Publication year: 
Author (s): 
Chou, L; Swan, T
Corporate author: 
Treatment Action Group.
Publication details: 
New York, Treatment Action Campaign, 2009

This guide provides information on the prevention, care, and treatment of HBV,
and the impact of HBV on HIV disease. It is designed to be accessible to people with no medical training. Where medical terms are used, they are explained in detailed but simple language. Because HIV and hepatitis viruses are transmitted in similar ways, having both HIV and hepatitis B (known as HIV/HBV coinfection) is possible. This guide focuses on coinfection with HIV and hepatitis B, but since most of our understanding of hepatitis B comes from research studies done in people without HIV, most of the information provided here should also be useful for people who have HBV alone. At the end of this guide, there is a list of organizations that can provide support, financial assistance, and current medical information. We have also included a glossary that defines some of the medical terms used in this guide.