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Guiding Principles and Practical Steps: for Engaging Hospitals in TB Care and Control.

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Author (s): 
Voskens, J
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London, KNCV, 2008

This document describes the strategies, steps, and tools that facilitate involvement and linking of hospitals into the national DOTS program. It provides a set of guiding principles and practical steps for planning and implementation of HDL. It is intended for use by NTP staff involved in the planning, development, and management of TB control; staff of local health services; and hospital managers and care providers working in public and private hospitals. The document addresses (a) linkages among multiple services available within a given hospital (i.e., interdepartmental and internal linkages) and (b) the interface between hospitals and local or regional primary health facilities under NTP (i.e., external linkages) for optimal case management and follow-up. The document is based on and complementary to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidance on implementing PPM approaches, Engaging All Health Care Providers in TB Control, which encompasses all PPM approaches, including those targeting hospitals.