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Health Personnel in Southern Africa: Confronting Maldistribution and Brain Drain

Author (s): 
Padarath, Ashnie [et al.]
Corporate author: 
EQUINET; Health System Trust (HST)
Publication details: 
South Africa, EQUINET, n.d.
EQUINET Discussion Paper Number 3

The report describes the exodus of healthcare workers from areas of poverty and low
socio-economic development, to more highly developed areas. The flows follow a
hierarchy of ‘wealth’ and result in a global conveyor belt of health personnel moving from the bottom to the top, increasing inequity. The report describes personnel flows and migration from rural to urban areas, from public to private sectors, from lower to higher income countries within southern Africa and from African countries to industrialised countries. International migration further incr
eases and exacerbates inequities that exist between the public and private sector and between urban and rural areas. The knowledge and skills loss from the poorer to the richer countries is considered as a form of reverse (poor to rich) subsidy.