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HIV Programme: Achieving Our Goals: Operational Plan 2014-2015

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Geneva, WHO, 2014

Outlines WHO's 2014-2015 operational plan to fight AIDS.

The book is structured as follows:
Fig. 1.1 looks at how WHO will achieve its global goals.
1.2 describes the plan itself. Fig 1.3 is on the WHO's HIV Programme.
Operational Objective 1: Strategic Use of ARVs for HIV Treatment and Prevention.
Operational Objective 2: Elimination of HIV in Children and Expanded Access to Paediatric Treatment.
Operational Objective 3: An Improved Health Sector Response to HIV Among Key Populations.
Operational Objective 4: Further Innovation in HIV Prevention, Treatment and Care.
Operational Objective 5: Strategic Information for Effective Scale Up.
Operational Objective 6: Stronger Links Between HIV and Related Health Outcomes.
Part 3 is on Progress Monitoring. Part 4 is on Resource Requirements.
Annex 1 lists focus countries and Annex 2 finally has the Monitoring Framework 2014-2015.