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MDG 2014 Report Assessing progress in Africa toward the Millennium Development Goals

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Addis Ababa: UNDP, 2014

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been a catalyst for action by governments, civil society and the private sector to advance development. The effects have been direct, including mobilizing aid for social development, and indirect, through advocacy and global monitoring, particularly of key indicators of progress in education, health and gender equality. African Member States have made remarkable progress towards achieving the MDGs despite difficult initial conditions. Indeed, previous MDG Progress Reports for Africa have shown that when
effort and initial conditions are factored in, African countries are among the top achievers of the MDGs. A study of countries accelerating the most rapidly towards the MDGs found that eight of the world’s top ten best performers are in Africa.
Further, progress was more rapid in least-developed countries (LDCs) than in non-LDCs despite the significant investments in infrastructure and human capital that countries at very low levels of development require to achieve the MDGs.
The development context and landscape in many African countries is changing.