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National Plan of Action for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Publication year: 
Author (s): 
Cardoso, Isabel de Bruin
Corporate author: 
Save the Children
Publication details: 
Pretoria, Save the Children, 2010

This report focuses on the experiences of Save the Children in monitoring, implementing and reviewing NPAs in Angola, Ethiopia, South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Each of the country offices commissioned the documentation of case studies to identify promising practices and challenges around effective implementation of NPAs. This report consolidates these case studies and aims to draw lessons learnt from he various efforts undertaken by the country offices. The report analyses the differing processes that have been carried out in order to identify and develop a set of key messages and recommendations. Furthermore, this publication contextualises the development of
NPAs on Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in the context of current thinking around social protection for all children in need. It also highlights the debate between stand-alone NPAs and mainstreaming children’s issues into existing development strategies. The report’s findings and recommendations were presented to approximately forty regional and national stakeholders at Save the Children’s two-day workshop on NPA implementation in April 2010 in South Africa. Together with the keynote presentations, these formed the main inputs for the workshop’s discussion and were used as the basis to develop the workshop’s recommendations.