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Surveillance of HIV Drug Resistance in Adults Receiving ART (Acquired HIV Drug Resistance)

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Geneva, WHO, 2014

The main purpose of this survey is to calculate nationally representative prevalence estimates (with associated confidence intervals) of (1) VL suppression and (2) of HIVDR in populations receiving ART for 12 (±3) months and for ≥48 months. This survey uses a method known as a two-stage cluster design. In the first stage, a minimum of 17 clinics are sampled from a list of all clinics dispensing ART in the country. In the second stage, a sample of eligible patients is recruited from each of the selected clinics. Patients included in tThe he survey will have blood specimens collected for VL testing. Specimens
with a VL of ≥1000 copies/mL will be genotyped to determine HIVDR status.