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The Sustainable Development Agenda and Unmet Need for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

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Author (s): 
Berer, Marge
Publication details: 
London, Reproductive Health Matters, 2014
Publication in: 
Reproductive Health Matters 2014; 22(43): pp. 4-13

This journal covers a number of papers which address a wide range of sustainable development issues, all of which bring in how they relate to the need for sexual and reproductive health and rights, with the following subjects, each representing
a paper: the role of poverty, food security and neo-liberal globalisation in preventing universal access to health care; approaches to advocacy for sustainable national funding for development; linkages between sustainable development, demography and SRHR, and policy implications; the evolving post-2015 agenda as seen by key players from multilateral and other agencies; population, SRHR and sustainable development; an analysis of the youth population boom in
the global South as a catalyst for social change rather than a demographic dividend or bomb in addition to other topics.