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Tackling Cervical Cancer: Improving Access to Cervical Cancer Services for Women in Southern Africa

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Southern Africa Litigation Centre (SALC)
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Johannesburg, SALC, 2012

Women’s sexual and reproductive rights have often been overlooked or under-prioritised by governments, given the secondary status of women. Globally, more than 13 million women are infected with both HIV and the virus causing cervical cancer, yet services for these women are extremely limited, both in terms of finances and the science available. This report seeks to address this priority gap through discussing the nature of cervical cancer and the services available to address pre-cursors to cervical cancer and to treat invasive cancer. The report will then discuss the state of cervical cancer services in southern Africa, particularly in Namibia and Zambia. This research report is aimed at national and regional stakeholders, especially government officials and officials at human rights mechanisms throughout southern Africa.